A New Life Begins…Lakshmi Latina in Da House! How to have a beautiful Sacred Passionate life! Celebrating The Divine Sacred Feminine! The True Goddess Self!

So here it is…The blog I have been waiting my whole life to write, because I am finally at that place where I am understanding that there are no “rules” except for the ones we put on ourselves…This journey is our journey, “my journey”, my choice to create the life that lives in my heart and as of today, I am unchaining myself from the judgements, the rules, the shame and the chains that have kept me bound to a person that is not me, but an image of what the world wants me to be…so I am taking the final journey to be “Free at Last!”

This journey, “this final journey towards liberation” began in 2007.  I knew was not honoring the truth of who I am. I knew there was more of my voice I was wanting to share and expand into. I knew that I had a mission and a purpose here on earth that was uniquely mine, but I had become a slave to someone else’s dream and being a “good girl”. I knew deep down, I was not being completely true to myself. Yes, I woke up one day and knew it was time to find my own truth.  The voice within was loud and clear, “If I was willing to take the risk, the universe would support me, but it was time to take God/Goddesses hand and co-create the life I had always dreamed of. A life where my heart was the King/Queen and ruled in the “kingdom of Love”, in “The heartland”. I was the only one who could set myself free. There was no one else who would be coming to save me. My inner voice was my rescuer. It sent me many messages and many kindred souls to help me. I am forever grateful for having the courage to listen and follow it’s guidance. People ask me where I got this courage, but for me it was a call…an invitation into my bigger and more fulfilling life. I knew I had to answer! So I gave up everything and took the leap of faith…and landed in INDIA…and lived there for nine months, learning the many mysteries of life and honoring the Divine Sacred Feminine!

The journey has been a beautiful one, there are so many great stories and experiences that I have had since then…as well as I am on the part of the journey of balancing Spiritual liberation and worldly fulfillment. The Latina Passionate side of me that is very much in the world (It comes with the equipment..haha) and the Yogi part of me that has learned great insights and recieved much spiritual knowledge.  However, whether I was hanging out with Sadhus in Rishikesh, or a cute bartender at a hot NYC night spot on 23rd st.  I am able to see God wherever I go.  There is no seperation, it is all GOOD and it is all Divine.  This is what I have come to know, the only judgements we have are those we have been taught by our parents, our communities, the world or religious fanatics. These are all means to control and manipulate us. A true wise being sees equanimity, the beauty in it all.

I want to encourage all those beautiful women out there to trust themselves, to take the roadless traveled and to follow their hearts.  It’s a beautiful journey with not just one prince, but many! With not just diamonds and pearls, but also jewels of the heart and a beautiful journey with infinite kindness!

I never knew when I began this journey the amount of love that was available, it is equal to the amount that we allow ourselves to recieve…so open your hearts, free yourselves and be the Goddess you were meant to be…and if you are a man reading this, allow yourself to love the Goddess in the women in your life!

Truth is “We are all Gods and Goddesses, yet know it not”…But as of today, the Truth is out…and it feels so good to be FREE! Celebrate this life in all in many beautiful Manifestations! Viva La Vida!!! Jai Lakshmi! Jai Latina!
Con mucho mucho AMOR!!!! xo



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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