The Girl within…and I am an emotional creature poem :)

I was deeply moved by her speech (Eve Ensler) and especially loved the poem at the end…This is the bolder side of my voice, to share things and subjects that people feel uncomfortable talking about…but it is important that we do!

Many of my girlfriends and a few of my guy friends, to tell you the truth, were sexually abused as children. This has got to stop! We must invoke and pray for the Divine sacred feminine and Divine sacred masculine to come into harmony and balance. This is the only way that there will be love, peace and compassion on earth…

Please watch this and listen to yet another voice of the Feminine (I am completely pro showing all the different voices and colors, The beauty in all that it means to be a women!)…It is time to bring the shadow to the light for the healing of humanity.

Today I stand for all those women throughout the world who cannot fully express themselves and who’s voices have been silenced. It is for you that I have posted this so that we can stand together in facing this injustice and so that we can stand for SHAKTI PREMA, “The Path Of LOVE!”



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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