LIVE LIFE TO IT’S FULLEST!!!! I dare you to!!! :)

In August I met a guy that really shifted my perspective…It’s from our connection that I began to write this blog, that I have begun to trust my instincts fully, that I have begun to live “like  we’re dying!”…(Haha, My friends and family say I have always lived like this) but I guess, I fully feel it now…I feel like, “What is everyone so afraid of???” I mean Life is here, it’s a gift…IN JOY IT!!!

So that’s what I have been doing and whoever wants to have fun with me, great! and those that are afraid of life and love, don’t! that’s okay to…It’s always okay, we are all free to choose…but my way is more fun…LOL!!! I know because I have lived both ways…and when I say fun, I don’t mean reckless and unconscious…. I mean playdates, slumber parties, making art, music, liking people and telling them…being genuine, authentic, open…FREE to be fully expressed without being repressed and afraid…

Okay so this is the Latina part of me…Yes, as a culture, we love to celebrate, move, dance,  love, and be fully expressed…and LIVE!!!! We are not afraid to live! It’s all about the heart…

So here’s to my dear friend, AJ, (who knows it not) but he has started a feeling and a revolution in me…To be truer to myself…This song is for him!!!

and P.s. We played truth or dare on this song and I lost…I’m sure when he returns from the Carribean and I see him, he will make me pay up…LOL!!! 🙂

ANYWAYS, I Love this song and the lyrics! In JOY!!!



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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