The mission…Shakti Prema, “The Path of LOVE” To bring as much Joy, laughter and Love to the world through being your true authentic brilliant self!

One of my dreams is to travel to every country before I die…I have already been to 20…and have so many more to go! I love this guy Matt! I think this is one way to do it! Sign me up…I’m in, but perhaps I might do a salsa dance or definitely something where I can move my hips 🙂 Also below I posted the back story! I think anything we do that brings joy to the world is valuable! Forget what other people say…Even if they think you’re crazy! It doesn’t matter…Happiness is an inside job…If people don’t understand it, it is because they have denied their own dreams, creative musings, inner child and hearts call!!!

Also, I have noticed that people are really skeptical of when people are good to them…They always think there is a catch, but there are good people out there that live in their hearts and are “Masters of Love”…Unconditional love, true and pure love…Thank God I have manifested these people in my life…that I can be myself with!!! Like attracts like, so birds of a feather flock together and water finds it’s own level…

Stay true to YOU…and you will find that you will be surrounded by others living in their authentic hearts…BE LOVE and be the change you want to see in the world!

The world is changing and people are ascending into their hearts more and more…Be kind and compassionate to those who arent there yet…They are in a lot of fear and sometimes they carry past wounds…I know I have had a few myself, but I still make a point to keep my heart open, even when it wants to close…I Stay gentle and compassionate with myself…

Anyways, Enjoy the video and dance your way through life…When it’s over it will all seem like a dream, so don’t take it so seriously and In JOY all the gifts God brings! Jai Shakti Prema, “the path of Love!…and joy!

P.s. Here’s his back story! Hilarious!



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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