Lakshmi Latina Loves STING!

Today I am reminded that Dreams do come true! There is perfect Divine timing in all! and I wanted to remember that one must leave room for beautiful surprises…Stay open no matter what things look like. We are all instruments in Gods beautiful orchestra! P.s. Sting, I love you! You make me laugh and smile 🙂 🙂 🙂
P.s. Just click twice on videos, it will go to you tube…

This video is hilarious…I love Stings lyrics, his tell it like it is…and his guilt trip in the middle of the song…brilliant! and his look…oh Hot! jaja..LOL! The Police rocked! I could post videos of him all day, they are all soooo…good! xo

After watching this video I realized if they don’t call you back, it’s their loss…Seriously, who wants to be involved with someone who totally doesn’t appreciate you or your time…

NEXT! as my dear friend Jack Hooke would say…There are lots of beautiful fish in the sea! In Joy! xo



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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