DLG at Madison Square Garden…A Dream come true for me…In the Beginning :)

Me “Lakshmi” (Marfil Delgado) in the beginning of my professional Music career…years ago…Touring and performing with the group Dark Latin Groove (DLG)…singing backups and female lead on tour…(I can hear me 🙂 Yeah!) I forgot how much I loved their music!!!…

Dreams do come true!
When I moved to New york, I dreamed of Performing at Madison Square Garden (MSG)! and I got there! I’m around 2:21…with straight dark hair…so funny 🙂 Beautiful memories…As well I posted the second video “Quimbara”, where you can only hear me sing, but one of my favorite songs! Celia Cruz! Azucar! xo

It’s time to create anew…This had the elements of everything I loved! The great creator has always been good to me, So Let’s see what my new birthday year will bring in! The Power of Intention! xo

P.s. It’s dark a bit in the beginning but it will come on 🙂



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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