Travels of India-Feb. 2008

On my final day in Ganespuri, India, after serving a month of seva, Palak held an Arti in my name. The most touching ceremony in praise of my offering and service. Everyone held candles and threw roses on me, chanting with such joy and thanking me from their hearts. It is so honoring the way they love here, I felt so cared for.

Then as she and I said goodbye, I handed her a silk pouch with a gift. We hugged each other, tears rolling down our cheeks. There was such sweetness, such amrita in our friendship. We had become such close friends over the month and although she was my seva supervisor, she came to me a lot to ask for advice about life decisions she had to make. Then I said, “Open your gift,” She hugged me again, then slowly opened the silk bag. Inside I had bought her a crystal japa bracelet that I had fallen in love with in the bookstore. I smiled and said,”Put it on,” then I slipped it onto her wrist. I continued, “I wanted to get you something so that you wouldn’t forget me,” She looked at me with such tenderness, it touched me so deeply and then she said, “Marfil, as long as I live and until my last dying breath, I will never forget you!” and I felt it with all my heart ♥

That night my dear friend S’marie took me to a secret spot behind a coliseum amphitheatre that no one knew about. She said,”Speak your wishes into the sunset here in India and with the divine grace we are surrounded with, in time your wishes will come true”. I opened my arms to the early night sky and spoke my wishes out loud, bold in my intention. Then she handed me a silk pouch. I looked at it and laughed to myself. Could it be? Was it possible? I had bought the beautiful bracelet for Palak because I thought it would be a lovey gift for her to receive and in giving it, I received such joy in seeing her happiness. It was one of the most expensive gifts in the bookstore and I’m sure she wasn’t used to that, so I really wanted her to have it. When I opened the silk pouch, I couldn’t believe it. Within hours, I had received back the gift I had given with such love. S’Marie said, “I knew when I saw you in the bookstore that most likely you were giving her the bracelet because you loved it so much, so I wanted to give it to you with the same love you gave it”.

I put the bracelet on and jumped up and down laughing with joy. Deliriously delighted! Then we both laughed. I said in the most grateful voice ever, “Thank you,Thank you,Thank you! I love it!”

Such a sweet memory and a reminder that “the love we give and the joy in which we give it, always returns back to us!’ ❤



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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