My new song! Hare Krishna Sita Ram

This song was inspired by all of the beautiful 12 hour kirtans in NYC I was attending last year. Maharaj and I had tea and his devotee gifted me with a photo of Radha- Krishna that I slept under every night for 3 months thinking about Love. On Diwali, I woke up and the song wrote itself. I finally recorded this is the studio the night before last! It is my joy to share with you my inner world and hearts song! This is how I feel inside ❤ A Homecoming and Celebration of pure Love! ♥ Thank you to all the Bhakti yogis who continue to call in this Divine love with such devotion! ♥ ♥ ♥

The Love Story of Sita and Rama…based on the Ramayana. It was written through me on DIWALI (The Festival of Lights in India) which celebrates the victory of LIGHT over DARKNESS…when Sita returns home to Rama…her beloved…

Thank you to Bernd Schoenhart for his beautiful guitar playing and for helping me bring the music in my heart to life…



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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