When you’re in “Scare City”, do “A BUN DANCE”!!!!

Hi Beloveds,

So just some beautiful thoughts for the day…Did the title of this blog get you to open this? If so, Good! LOL!

Anyway, This weekend was incredibly transformational for me, so I wanted to share some thoughts 🙂 Here goes…

We always think we have tomorrow, but the truth is there is only NOW…Everything is dreamed, accomplished, connected, created, shared in the NOW moment. It’s so important to tell those people you love that you love them… because Love is the only thing that is real…It’s all we will take with us when we leave this planet. If you want to invest in something-Invest in your heart and the hearts of everyone in your life! This is the greatest Abundance! Make no mistake.

All those resentments, misunderstandings, lack, scarcity, arguments…It’s all Maya! Just one big “telenovela” being played out for your entertainment…It has nothing to do with what is real. Why? because the soul, your soul is always perfect and whole. Your soul is eternal and innocent, pure and untouched. There is nothing that could ever change that. It is the witness behind all the drama, the games and the disillusions. It sits there and watches the play in amusement, knowing none of it is real.

Begin your day today, seeing people from this present moment. Forgive your parents of what you think they have or have not done, your siblings, your exes…Let go of yesterday and the future of who you think they are or who they will be (Yourself included) and just BE. Just BE with them in this moment. In the bliss of this one moment. In the simpleness of this moment. Open your eyes without the filters of the past and just look around. See how perfect each and every one of us is and then SMILE inside your heart knowing…THIS IS IT!!!! There is no tomorrow and there is no past…It is just one beautiful NOW moment after another…So if you live in your heart and stay present to the NOW in your pure beingness…You will know the truth. The truth of who you are. LOVED, COMPLETE, PERFECT, WHOLE. Then you cannot help but create the life of your dreams! From this place of knowing, create from this blank new page. Then everything you create will be Blessed without any filters or old stories from the past. Drop the luggage and free yourselves! FREE YOURSELVES and Begin again! LOL! Why? Because ONLY LOVE IS REAL My dear friends. As in the beginning, so shall it be in the end…which of course never ends..LOL! ♥ ♥

AND… When all else fails, don’t forget…

“When you’re in “Scare City”, Do “A BUN DANCE!” ♥ ♥ ♥LOL! LOL! ♥

Word I am word ❤



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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2 Responses to When you’re in “Scare City”, do “A BUN DANCE”!!!!

  1. Toni Delgado says:


  2. Thank you, beautiful, for such inspiring and beautiful words.

    YES! I am NOW. I am anything I wish to be.

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