Welcoming LOVE! 

(The following is the transcription of a channeled lecture delivered by Paul Selig in New York, New York on January 1st , 2013.)

Now we talk to you about what you need, and what you would believe, and what you call to you; what you think you should have, what you will never have, what you will never want once you know who you are.

The desires that you hold for each other, for a partner, for a partner, for a partner, for a friend who is your partner, or a lover who is your friend, are all born in need and the need that we are talking about is a need that is born in fear. Now we want you to understand one thing: we call to each of you the people you need to be with to be realized, to know who you are, to have a relationship, but the belief that you will not have what you want, that you are not provided for in this way is what is being addressed tonight.

“I will never have what I want,” is a pattern of creation, it seeds itself in the thing you say you want and it cannot be made manifest. If you can imagine planting a seed and then watering it with doubt, how could you expect the seed to flower? “I will never have what I want,” is the affirmation you give yourselves with your relationships. “I know there is somebody for me, but… I know I am allowed to have somebody who loves me, but… I cannot hold this in my vibration because on a certain level I do not believe I am worthy of it, can hold it, will have it.  It will happen for somebody else.  It always happens for somebody else. It will not happen to me.”

Now we ask you this: Why won’t it happen to you?  Who are you to say no?  Your history tells you one thing, “I would have had it by now.  My marriage would be working better.  I would have known my true love already.  I would be married with six kids.”

Whatever you want to sing as you walk down the street is your vibration.  The vibration that you sing is what you claim and call your relationships to you with.   The constant affirmation of lack claims what you say you don’t want as your frequency.  Now this is easily remedied and this is the one thing you don’t understand.  You can change this in a moment, the moment you realize you are provided for in this way.

We are telling you something important: You think you have to meet your own needs, you think you are the one in charge.  ”If I do it wrong I won’t get it, I will not have my needs met.”  But you can also give the authority to spirit to create on your behalf and this is another way of looking at the same thing.  When you know your needs are being taken care of and you include the need for a partner or a romance or a friendship in what is provided for you and you operate in the possibility of it, it will be claimed as you, as you, as you. Now we underline as because the word as is incarnation. You as you. You incarnated as you in your being. The responsibility you hold with this issue is to accept it as you. “I am the one in love. I am the one in responsibility to allowance. I am the one willing to allow, to be in receipt, to be in the responsibility of welcome.”

Now we will explain welcome as we have done in the text. When you say you want something it is claimed for you in your consciousness. If you don’t believe you can accept it you will not welcome it to you. It stays by the front door, unattended, and eventually goes away.  Imagine you invite somebody to dinner and they knock on your door and you do not answer, eventually they will leave and go find their food elsewhere. They are not welcome.

The idea of welcome is a teaching of ours.  Now, as you welcome your worth, as you align to your worth, you must say “welcome” to those things that would be in accord with it.  If you want a partner, welcome the partner. “But I can’t welcome him, he is never coming. She will never be there. She may show up but she will not like me.  She will not know what I am.  He will be afraid.  She will be threatened by my power.”  Whatever it is you claim for yourself that stops what you welcome can also be addressed very simply. “I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve,” is not a litany of words, it’s your own claim of worth.  Do you understand this, yes?

When you welcome something and you are worthy of what you welcome you go into congruence with it. Now the relationships that you have so far have been your teachers, for better and for worse. Everybody in this room is your teacher. They have all come to show you who you are because you are the perceiver of them and how you perceive everyone in this room is born in your history and what you think you are. Do you understand this?

You look at everybody through the window that you have created out of your own need to self-identify in your separateness. There is nothing wrong with this but the teachers that you have, those that come and face their window, are still being seen in the frame that you hold for yourselves.  How can you truly know another when you do not know yourself?  How can you love another when you do not love yourself?  Well, we will tell you this: You can allow, you can allow, you can allow.

Imagine you are lying on a beach. Eventually, the sea will reach your feet, it will cover your body, it will carry you out to sea to the place you wish to go to. The tide is eternal. If you keep yourself from the waterline you may never know the possibility of it, but if you allow the water to carry you, you may well find you are transported to what you say you need.  Now, what do you need in fact to understand your own needs so you are not creating them out of desire born in fear? “I must have somebody on New Year’s or I will be alone for a year,” is a desire based in fear. “I must have somebody before I am 51 or nobody will ever have me,” is a desire based in fear. “I must know myself better or I will never attract somebody worthwhile,” is a desire based in fear.

When you are welcoming something, allow it to come. Imagine that the man of your dreams is at the threshold of your apartment and in the apartment there is chaos, there is worry, dirty clothing and yesterday’s meal left on the table, you are so busy attending to what you do not have that you do not maintain what you have. If you are caring for yourself in well ways, in honoring your esteem, when you open the door you are available to what may be. This is not about preparing for a relationship it is about allowing company to come. Do you understand the difference? When you allow company to come you are expecting company. You are saying, “Welcome.”

Now each one of you here, regardless of whether you are with somebody or not, is in relation with your fellows. The relations that you hold are systematized in many ways born in history and cultural application of what is appropriate. There is no one in this room who is so frightened of anybody else here that if they got up and started to dance for no reason you would become alarmed.  You would wonder why they are doing this; maybe you would even join them.  You are safe enough to allow somebody else to be expressed as themselves.  Do you understand this?  You do not feel that way in the world because you have been taught to protect yourselves from the deceit of others, from their bad motives.  They must want your money or they must want to crucify you.  Who is harmless anyway, in this world, if everybody has the possibility to harm you? Why is there anybody to welcome? If you want to welcome somebody to your shelter to wait out the war that is not a healthy way of entering into a relationship. Do you understand this? “We will be frightened together and wait until it is safe to be in the world.” There are many people who have relationships just like that.

Now, we will ask you one thing.  Who in this room is desirous of a relationship? If you are, say, “Yes.” This is your lecture for tonight and that is why you are getting it. Now understand this please. We already know who you need to be with and in many ways we are trying to support you in meeting them and aligning to them and growing old together if that is your choice.  But you must allow the possibility that it may be done, that you do not have to doubt and grab at the next thing that’s walking down the street because there may never be another. Do you understand? That is a desire based in fear. Paul had a nice one last night. You have all had ones as well. Desires based in fear, born in lack, born out of unlove-ability create more of the same and there is no need for these things.

Now, there is no one in this room who is not in love with somebody, as you say, means in the frequency of love. So everybody right now move into the vibration of love with one being in your life who you truly love. Think of that person, please, and move into the vibration of love. Will you do this, yes? We are shifting your vibration. Stay in this frequency, please, for a few moments.


Now imagine there is a window before you, a window a ways away. You have to take several steps forward to look out the window. And imagine that that window is being cleaned. Any dirt, any fear, anything covering the glass from a clearer vision is being released and washed away in your own recognition that you have a right to be seen through whatever frame you hold, whatever way you have known yourself. “I am the woman who will never… who has always… who has screwed up, who was laughed at, who was shunned, who was adored, who was desired,” whatever names you have carried to call yourself to that window, you will release them now. And you will stand there before the window and see all the possibilities that are before you. There is a whole world before you, populated with many beings. Now, we would like you to do something new. Open the window, open the window, open the window, and say, “Welcome. Welcome to the world. Welcome to my love. I say, welcome to all that may be. I say, welcome to all I may choose. I say, welcome to all I could create in my knowing of my worth, in my cherishing of my being, in my recognition of my soul’s intent to be in partnership, in love, in passion, in friendship, in joy, in caress, in love and companionship. I am accepting all that can come to me, all I will allow, and I say welcome.” As you do this, the frame is increasing in size. The frame is getting larger and larger until it becomes a doorway. You can reach before you. You can feel the doorframe and you can step outside if you like, and with the lungs filled with air and with the heart filled with love say, “Welcome.” Say the word, “welcome” and expect to be met. Let somebody come forward now. Let somebody come forward now to be greeted, to be greeted, to be greeted. Let somebody come forward now to be met by you, by you, by you in your awareness of your request to be welcomed. When somebody comes forward, say, “Hello. I know you already. I have welcomed you before. We are here to learn again. We are here to be in love. We are here to learn from one another as love comes to us, as us, and we embody as love.”



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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