Your Souls Voice – The Field Of Possibilities and Living the New Dream

Recently a friend and I had a conversation while I was at home visiting my family in California. We had been watching a Music concert on television, which was Neil Young and his wife performing together. Out of the Blue I asked, “Did you know how Ashford and Simpson met?” (Two famous Singer/ Songwriters who collaborated and wrote most of the songs in the 70’s), He said, “No”. I said, “I watched a special on Oprah and they interviewed them. Ashford said he was homeless and sleeping on a bench in Washington Square Park in NYC when he went into a church to get a free meal. He said upon entering, he heard this woman singing. They instantly connected and the rest is history – a life long love and a collection of great music that will always be woven into the history of American classics (the song “Solid as a Rock” being one of them). These two went on to write many great love songs.” I sat there in the silence after sharing this story in complete awe. I thought inside, “God/Spirit/Universe is amazing!” One day the man is homeless and the next day he has met the love of his life and a legacy is born. “How incredible is that,” I thought. Then I secretly wondered what would have happened to each of their lives if they had never met. My friend replied, “I wish I knew that kind of Magic, but I’ve never known it”. I asked, “Do you believe in Magic?” I could feel his frustration. He replied, ” I do, but it just didn’t work out for me. I believed but it never happened”.

I sat in his living room looking around at all the pictures of his beautiful family (His loving wife that he has been with for most of his life and his two perfect, healthy, “magical” children), his gorgeous home in one of the richest counties in the United States and his great career in a Creative field that he enjoys. To me, his life was Magical, but I knew what he was trying to say. He had always had a dream of making it as a musician and he was talking about his unfulfilled dream. I got it, I understood. We all have a passion inside us that no matter what else comes into our lives, this place feels empty unless we are fulfilling it’s purpose. It is our souls song. Our souls voice that needs to be expressed in the world and no amount of sugar coating is going to fulfill that ache and longing until we express that voice. That is our souls work. He had achieved the “American Dream”, he just didn’t have the “Magical”dream he had dreamed for himself as a child. That beautiful music and soul expression within him was still wanting to be birthed. Unwritten songs- waiting to be sung and played. That soul desire within him had not gone away and it won’t go away until he birth’s it. It is waiting there for him until he is ready. That is one of his gifts to the world, whether only he hears it in the shower or millions do. His heart and voice long to be expressed through Music. That is how he expresses his true voice and speaks the words beyond words. Then he said to me very matter of fact, “I’m very pragmatic. Everything I have, I’ve worked hard for.” I knew this was his way of dealing with his disappointment. His way of comforting himself. “But are you happy?” was the voice that I heard ask inside me. “You’ve worked so hard, but are you happy?”

In order to create new possibilities for our lives, we have to let go of the past and forgive everyone that we believe was a co-creator in stopping us from fulfilling our hearts song or dream.

Then we have to ask ourselves these questions…

What is your soul’s voice? What is your form of expression that wants to be birthed? What is the unfulfilled dream you still have? What do you secretly long for?

Now ask yourself if you are willing to be transformed into a new way of being and new possibilities for your life. If the answer is yes, you will have a TRANSFORMATION!

For example once you give up the past and create space for the new, you ask:

What is my new way of being in order to have what I want?

My new way of being is…(You fill in the blank)

For me, my new way of being is courageous and vulnerable.

What is the new possibility I am creating for my life?

The new possibility I am creating for my life is…(You fill in the blank)

For me, the new possibility I am creating for my life is of being fully self expressed.

Now you? What is your new way of Being? What is the new possibility you are creating for your life?

NOW…..In Present time….Enjoy creating your new way of being in the world and new possibilities for your life!

Because it is only when we live in this new way of being and in the infinite Field of Possibilities for our lives, that we can we Live the New Dream!

I love you all! Be Blessed! The world needs your gift to the world ❤ ❤ ❤

P.s. Don’t die with the Music (Your Souls voice) still in you ❤

P.s.s. I am also creating the Possibility of Fulfilling, Successful, Prosperous, Creative Collaborations!

Enjoy Ashford and Simpson and the Possibilities they created together ❤ Yes, there is Magic in the world, but we have to be willing to receive and allow it! They did! Here’s to Love!



Honoring the sacred within and celebrating life!
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