“Whatever makes you happy”, do that! Sometimes just one “Hello” can change your life <3 My early days in Music <3


The other night I went to an event at the Plaza Hotel here in NYC.  I entered into the glorious, lavishly abundant hotel I had always loved as a child. I loved it’s majesty, it’s grandeur and it’s feeling that “anything is possible if you just believe”. Even the lobby smelled like fresh orchids and gardenias. I felt so incredibly elevated and euphoric at it’s beauty. I felt like I was in the perfect place, at the perfect time. I felt at home in it’s wonder. What I loved so much about that night was to be entering the hotel lobby as a woman but remembering the first time I saw this hotel as a child. It was as if all roads had led me back to here, back to my six year old self seeing it for the first time-full of wonder and joy.

I remember that first day vividly. The limo pulling up in front of the hotel with two well known singing superstars, the crowds bustling in wonder hoping to get a glimpse, the excitement and commotion that thrilled me, I wondered, “who could it be?” but we were unable to see as we rushed through the crowds to get to the Paris movie theater where Thumbelina was playing. My mom was taking me to see it. It was our special date afternoon.

As a child I always loved musicals from early on. From Disney movies, to live music, to Broadway. Lucky for me, my good fortune blessed me to have parents that loved theater and the Arts. I remember seeing the WIZ with Stephanie Mills, Godspell, Carousel, the Music Man, then as the years went on Evita, A Chorus line, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, to name a few. I grew up believing in the Magic of the music to heal and transcend anything. The minute the orchestra began to play, I was transported and lifted through song to another place, a better place, a more beautiful, mystical and magical place.

As the years went on, I played flute in band and landed all the lead roles in my school plays. Singing came naturally to me because Broadway musicals were always being played in my home. The music always at volume 500 (Thanks Dad. LOL), Evita being chanted throughout the halls to my brothers and my bedroom on christmas eve (Yes most kids get Christmas songs, we got Evita’s death scene. LOL) but I knew every line to that album and loved it. I loved it so much that I wrote my school report on Eva Peron at 9 years old (Perhaps also because she was a strong Latina woman). After school, I would even stand and sing on the chair to replicate the balcony scene of “Don’t cry for me Argentina”, very dramatic and fully embodied. I loved to live inside the magic of the music, to that place inside me where I felt it’s majesty, a place where there was no one was fighting, there were no arguments but only love and song. I always felt the love in my heart when I sang, as if a portal of love opened up and in the column of light I was protected from any harm. In that light, I knew only the song of Love. I was able to express the fullness of my hearts desire.

In contrast, when I was around six years old my parents separated for the first time. I say first time because they separated many times throughout my childhood before they eventually separated for good when I was eleven years old. The final separation came during the year we were living in Mexico city and I was attending the American school. I was so happy that year because we lived in a big beautiful home, I loved my school and more importantly, I was doing what I loved which was singing. I was helping to create magic in the world. However, I was there the day my parents had their final fight which ended it all. I heard them arguing from upstairs and even as I write this now, I feel a pain in my heart because I know they were both in a lot of pain. Two amazing, beautiful people who tried to stay together for us kids, but it was at the expense of living a lie. They just weren’t meant for each other. They did the best they could with who they were at that time and as an adult, I feel great compassion for their situation. I feel great compassion for each of them because I know in the wisdom of my heart, that like everyone else, they deserve happiness and love. Every living being on this planet is worthy and deserving of love.

Needless to say while all this was going on, I found my healing and love in musicals and music. At 11 years old I landed the lead in The American Schools HS musical as Oliver in Oliver Twist and began doing radio interviews at radio stations, promoting the play. At 15yrs, I won a music scholarship to Switzerland representing the United States in their International program, which was my first trip away from home for three months (in the beautiful town of Leysin in the Swiss Alps). Singing opened a path of happiness for me. It was a dream come true to travel to the other side of the world to sing! Through my voice, my dreams were coming true.

Upon returning to my High School (Marin Catholic High school in Marin county, California), I was asked by Father Parenti to sing all  the music for mass at our church services. I would sing all the “our fathers”, Amy Grant songs and of course contemporary songs which embodied the message of Love. Once again, music was uplifting, inspiring and taking us all to a more beautiful place. Upon graduating from HS, I received a Musical theater scholarship to University. I loved the magic of it all. Doors opening and a path revealing itself.

After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles, California to work for the #1 Spanish Radio Station (KLVE 107.5fm). To land this job shortly after graduating, was a true blessing. It was during this year that my love of Latin Music began to blossom (of course not to mention my mom playing Miami Sound Machine (Gloria Estefan) on the way to HS school everyday). When I arrived to Los Angeles and people began to speak to me in Spanish, it was as if my heart was activated in a way it had never been before. It was the feeling of HOME. By day I was working as the asst. to the program director of the radio station with Adrian Lopez (funny enough he was from Argentina-just like Evita) and in that position, I was in charge of dealing with the Record label reps and the Recording Artists. I remember my first day at the station, MANA (An amazing rock band from Mexico) came in for a radio interview to promote their album. Their band was unknown at the time. However within that year, they blew up onto the music scene. As well, Ricky Martin was promoting his new album (He was still in General Hospital), Marc Anthony, La India and Celia Cruz were all hot on the scene. It was a thrill to be close to the music!

By day, I was working at the Radio station and by night I was singing with my brothers rock band at the local rock clubs- the Coconut teaser, the Troubadour, etc. In a playful way, Adrian (my Argentian boss), would always let me leave early by saying, “Che Querida, Tu eres una Artista (Darling, You are an Artist), go sing!” and I did! Then one night I had a dream that I would later come to understand. I dreamed that I was in a plane with Luis Miguel, Marc Anthony, La India, etc (They were all Latin Artists) and I was flying with them. Then the plane flew into a huge stadium. As we de-boarded the plane, I got onto the stage to sing in english, but then my voice switched to singing in spanish and the crowd went wild, cheering. I awoke confused by it all because I was singing with a rock band in english. I had never sang in spanish before. (This dream was a foreshadowing to the music that would later become a part of my life’s path and joy). As fate would have it, a few years later, I was touring around the world with Dark Latin Groove (DLG) in huge stadiums in Latin America. It was not until I was in Peru in a stadium of 65,000 people singing in spanish that I remembered the dream and understood it’s soul message, but that comes later. Needless to say,  It was an amazing year in Los Angeles working at the radio station. I loved what I was doing, all of it!

One morning however, I went to work and there was a lot of commotion outside my office door. The assistant to the President of the radio station came in to take me into the Presidents office. I had no idea what was going on, but as I sat in the chair before the President of the station, he said, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but your father died this morning in New York (NYC was three hours ahead and my father was a well known man and a pioneer in the Spanish Advertising industry, so there had been buzz and commotion on the east coast about his passing). I just remember saying, “No, That can’t be. It’s not possible, he was going to move to California to be with us. I just spoke with him last night”, I could hear my voice in the distance almost as if I was in the other room. I had left my body and was now hovering above myself in complete shock. His assistant grabbed me close and I just remember her crying with me. We were both sobbing together and even though we didn’t know each other well at that time, I will never forget the feeling of being held in such loving compassion. Then just as I felt myself coming back into my body, someone came in and said, “Your mom is on the phone.” My mom had been trying to call in to speak with me but because the radio station was so popular, she kept being put on hold. Finally I heard her voice and sobbed and sobbed. In one day, it felt like my life and the world as I knew it, was shattered into a thousand pieces. My father and I were very close growing up. I loved him with all my heart. My heart was broken. I was in complete shock and nothing in my life after that day was ever the same.

As time went on I began having very vivid dreams. I dreamed I was drowning in a pool trying to stay above water (I’m sure I was trying to deal with my emotions), then I dreamed with my father and he came to dance with me in black tuxedo (the way we always did at Univision and Telemundo parties), then came a very significant dream that changed my life. In that dream, I saw my father in the distance, completely illuminated. I ran up to him and sat before him. I was frantic and really needing answers. I said, “Dad, now that you are on the other side, what do I do with my life?” I waited with baited breath, I needed to know. He paused, looked at me and began to laugh hysterically. I was so upset, I mean, this was really serious business and I needed an answer, how could he be laughing? and with that he looked at me straight in the eyes with a clear and honest gaze, smiled at me and said, “Anything that makes you happy!” Wait, what? I could feel within myself my mind struggling to accept this answer. The answer was completely different than what I had expected to hear from him, and then I looked at him straight in the eyes and said, “That’s it? Anything that makes me happy?” and he said very calmly, “Yes, that’s it. Anything that makes you happy” and then I woke up.

For several weeks, I contemplated this thought, “what makes me happy? What makes me happy?” He said, “Anything that makes me happy.” and for months I  did only that. I only did what made me happy and I began to heal my heart from his loss. I found myself watching romantic comedies, doing aerobics and my favorite-listening to Latin music all day and night, dancing and singing every lyric at the top of my lungs. These love songs helped me to express my heart in a way I had never before. The sound flowing through me  deep and passionate. It was a new way to express myself. I could feel the warmth of my heart ignited with the sensuality of the sound of the words, the depth of their meaning, the richness of my latin heritage now breathing life through me. The roots were growing deep inside me into the core of the earth. I was now connected to my ancestors and to all those who had come before me. I felt connected to my heart, to my father, to myself in a way I had not before.

Then I made the decision, I was going back to NYC to continue to pursue my love of music, to take classes again at HB studio and to follow my heart and happiness. Latin music had ignited my heart and that is what was making me happy. In making that decision and in choosing the courage to take this leap of faith, God granted me a wish and that wish was fulfilled. As golden fate would have it, on the same plane as I was, was Ralph Mercado (the Quincy Jones of Latin Music). I had met him months earlier working for KLVE when my boss Adrian introduced us ( Ralph was there with Celia Cruz promoting her new album), but here we were in the same place at the same time-Again. As I stood in the airport, I was not going to say anything to him, when I heard a voice deep inside me say, “Go say hello to him”. I fought with this voice inside me, feeling shy, when again the voice said, “Go say hello to him.” So here I was at 5am in the morning (just off the red eye from Los Angeles), walking up to him and saying, “Excuse me, are you Ralph Mercado?” and with that beautiful smile he said, “Why, Yes I am” and in that moment, my new career and path opened up right before my eyes.

In that one “hello”, the universe had aligned me to the path of my new destiny. Through my courage to speak to Ralph that day, I met Jack Hooke, Tito Puente’s Manager and president of Tropijazz Records (Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Mongo Santamaria, Dave Valentin, Ray Barreto, Humberto Ramirez, etc) and became Jack’s asst. Then within a year, I was promoted to Ralph Mercado’s asst. (RMM Records was the record label who had great artists as Celia Cruz, Marc Anthony, La India, Oscar d’Leon, etc) and within two years of arriving to NYC, I was the asst to the President of the top Salsa label in the world with Salsa and Latin Jazz’s greatest Artists. I was in Heaven! I felt so blessed and I was doing what made me happy! I thought, “Yes dad, it works”…What I am supposed to be doing with my life is what makes me happy! His advice was guiding me, even from the other side.

During my beginning years in NYC, by day I was working at the Record label helping the Artists and by night I was singing out at various venues throughout NYC and studying at Carnegie Hall, as well as working with local singer/songwriters. Then one day our A&R Rep at RMM heard my voice and booked me on one of the albums they were recording for a Latin Hip Hop group called “Tres Equis”. Shortly after, Charlie Sepulveda, one of our Latin Jazz Artists, booked me to record backups on his album on the Mongo Santamaria song “Watermelon man” (making my first professional recording on a Record label, singing back ups with Tito Nieves).

In my courage to follow my happiness, the universe put me in the right place, at the right time. Yes, It’s true the universe moves to help us have our dreams come true to our level of commitment and intention. At the same time, I was also getting many callbacks for Rent on Broadway, which brought me to a crossroads- do I stay at the Record label supporting other artists or do I take a leap of faith and pursue my dream with the fullness of my heart?

The following day, I entered Ralphs office to speak with him about it. Over my time at RMM, Ralph had become like a father to me. He treated everyone in his inner circle like family and having daughters of his own, I knew I could have a heart to heart talk with him. So with the encouragement of my musician friends whom I had grown close to, I went to Ralph and spoke with him about my dream to sing and perform. After hearing me, Ralph looked at me and said, “I would never tell you not to follow your dream, in fact, I believe you HAVE to follow your dream. We love you here and you will always have a place here with us. You are part of my family. Go follow your dream and if you change your mind, just come back. You have an open door here. It doesn’t mean we won’t miss you because we will, but you have to give it a shot and I support you in that decision.”

That day Ralph taught me a great lesson about what true love is, it is allowing others to follow whats in their hearts, even at the expense of losing them, even if we think they might be making a mistake. It is their life to live and if we truly love, we support them in their decision and hold an open space if it doesn’t work out. We don’t shut doors, we hope for the best and highest good for them. I appreciated Ralph’s love and I knew no matter what he supported my decision and that meant a lot to me. Two weeks later the staff threw a big going away party for me with cake and balloons and I walked out the door wondering if I had made the right decision. Knowing I had to risk it all-now or never.

Those first few months away from the label were hard, but I continued to audition and take my performance classes with fierce determination. I spent a lot of time with my musician friends in jazz clubs. Then finally after taking this leap of faith, one night I was at the Blue Note in the dressing room with friends when the door opened and Ruben , a friend I knew from recording sessions with the label, walked in and said he was now the Musical Director of a new group called Dark Latin Groove. Then my musician friend blurted out, “Well if you ever need a back up singer, Jennifer can do it. She is the one. She is a great singer.” Honestly, I never thought much would come of it but to my surprise a few weeks later Ruben called and said they needed me to do back ups for DLG and that I had to learn both albums by the weekend. As well that very same day, Vaughn, a songwriter I had been working with, said that the song I had recorded on for him had been loved by Sony Columbia. Vaughn continued, “Sony said they love the song and they love the girl, which is you, so they want to sign you.” All in one day, everything changed, again! Within a few weeks, I was on the road and singing in huge concerts and stadiums all over the world as the featured female vocalist with DLG. I even had the blessed opportunity to perform at Coliseo Callao in Lima, Peru with my uncle and my fathers family in the first row. It felt as if my father was with me knowing I had “Followed my Bliss”. My voice and my love of latin music had taken me to the dream I had dreamed years before. It was a complete deja vu moment. Full circle.

Those years touring were blessed and my song “What is it” (Que Tu Tienes) came out on KTU, but came to even greater success on the Latin MIX USA2 album with Ricky Martin, Shakira, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith. However my favorite moment during those years was performing at “Concierto del Amor”, a concert that RMM produced every year at in NYC. As I entered onto the stage at Madison Square Garden (which was my ultimate dream at the time), Ralph Mercado stood at the steps leading up to the stage. As I went to walk up those stairs, Ralph stood there and beamed at me, looked down through his glasses with sparkling eyes and said, “You’re up kid!” then hugged me. I felt so happy knowing that I had fulfilled one of my dreams. He believed in me and was there to witness my dream coming true. He told me to go for it and it paid off. Both of us had a moment of celebration. I will never forget that moment as long as live. It is forever in my heart.

At those concerts, the feeling of having the vibration of thousands of people singing songs in unity, the roar of the crowd and the happiness of the music to uplift and inspire people left me knowing what I always knew as a child- that I was part of something bigger, that we are all a part of something bigger, an “orchestra of love”, each playing our own part. Each part being important to the whole, like puzzle pieces fitting together when we are in alignment with our souls purpose, with our spirits calling, with our hearts song. I knew I was fulfilling my purpose of uplifting the planet through the power of music, the power of sound, the power of following my heart and living my dream. This was just a continuation of the incredible joy and healing power of music that I had experienced throughout my life, in whatever form of artistic expression it came. Through the Arts and my souls creative self expression, I have been able to experience my great love of music, travel and creativity. This is what makes me happy!

As I look back on my six year old self that stood in front of the Plaza Hotel that day with my mom, I realize how many of my dreams have been fulfilled throughout my life (and how many I have left to fulfill, which grow and evolve throughout the years). I honor and celebrate all of the journey, all of the synchronicities, the good times and the bad times because they have made me who I am today. I strive to live my life with no regret and to risk and push past society’s idea of happiness, to live my idea of happiness. I realize it is mine to allow myself to be who I want without needing anyone’s approval or permission. I claim and accept that this is my life to live-this beautiful gift given to me by my creator and what I create with this time is my gift back. My art is my life and my life is my art, there is no separation. Every day is a new creation. Every day is a new beginning. Every day is an new act of love.

As I tell my student/clients that I currently coach , “Whatever makes you happy, do that. You will be good at what you love.” and then we work to release and dismantle all the programming that has gotten in the way of being our truest and most authentic self. The great masters knew that and now I do too with the fullness of my heart. Happiness is the goal, the journey is supposed to be fun. I encourage you to have the courage to follow the dream in your heart and take one action towards it today. Sometimes just one “hello” can change your life!  May you live a life you love and live it abundantly.

P.s.Thank you to my father, Adrian Lopez, Jack Hooke, Ralph Mercado and Tito Puente for helping me to fulfill my dreams and for extending a hand to lift me up. Thank you for being father figures and great friends to me after I lost my dad. May you all be together in heaven. You are always in my heart ❤

Blessings to all who read this ❤

P.s.s. Here is the link to the work I am currently offering with my vocal coaching and sound sessions. https://lakshmilatina.wordpress.com/private-sound-sessions/

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The First time I heard Chanting…Krishna Das <3

Lakshmi Marfil Jazz Blue

This morning I heard a soundcloud of Krishna Das called “the First time I heard Chanting in India”. As I listened, I was brought to the first time I heard chanting (The mantras I heard in 1995, but this was the first time I heard Kirtan live), which ironically was Krishna Das around 1997 at Jivamukti Yoga studio on Broadway/Lafayette in NYC.

At that time I was living on the Upper East side and touring (singing) with the group DLG, “Dark Latin Groove”. While home in between gigs, I began taking Ashtanga Yoga classes (in 1996) at Equinox on E.85th st. I began Yoga because I had a pinched nerve on the left side of my body that had appeared many years after a car crash I was in 1993. Although I walked out of the crash alive, the impact of the crash had knocked my body out of alignment, which didn’t show up until years later. I would wake up in excruciating pain and began dreaming that my arm was falling off. I went to a chiropractor and although it helped temporarily,  a yoga instructor at my gym suggested I take some classes to help re-align and support the shift. I had no idea my whole life would also re-align.

Although I decided to take a class, I was a little hesitant since I had tried it many years before in my University and thought it was really weird to contort my body into what seemed like unnatural poses. However, seven years later I was ready to try it again in hopes it could help heal the pain I was feeling. There was so much going on in my life at the time and one day I will share that as well. Needless to say (when I was home from touring), I spent most of my time at a performance studio in midtown singing or in quiet solitude in a church close to where I lived. I was searching for a church and a community that lived in the truth of love. I had grown up in Catholic church and was definitely searching for people who were in the same value system, which was sometimes hard in the Music industry at that time. I was the only woman on tour, amongst 13 men. Although I was constantly surrounded by many people and doing what I loved, I really felt quite alone at times without anyone I could really talk to. Most of my girlfriends were getting married and having children, so it was hard to explain to them life on the on road and I didn’t really know many women in the industry who were also touring. Music, on the other hand for me, was my commitment and my true love. I lived to sing and travel and I have been blessed to be able to live my dreams! It is the one thing I have always consistently wanted since I was a child.

This time around, I fell in love with Yoga! My teacher was awesome and it was easy to show up for class. I loved it! I practiced 6 times a week, even when I was sick. My body loved it and it felt so good. It felt so natural this time around. I was ready for it. In class there was an indian man named Isaac. He knew I was a singer so he invited me to Jivamukti to hear Krishna Das one night. There were not many people there (Maybe 20) but the room was vibrating love. When he began to sing and we began to sing, I felt an instant connection back to my heart. I felt connected to myself and I felt connected to everyone, which is what I had been longing for. I am someone who had always lived in between worlds, between cultures, between east coast/west coast, between whatever it is that makes one feel that they have to chose one thing or the other (Now I know it is not this or that, but this and that). In that moment, however, I felt that I was one with everything and that nothing mattered but this feeling of love that was in the room and that was welling up from my heart. After touring the world, I finally had a place that I could call home and it was not outside of me, it was there all along. Chanting gave me access to the love within my own heart.

Shortly after, I went to visit my family in Northern California. I grew up in Marin county, where I took meditation classes starting at 14yrs and my mom would take us to Berkeley Psychic institute to get family readings, which is funny to me now. My mom and I loved to go to a spiritual store in San Francisco. There I purchased an “Om Namah Shivaya” (I bow to the truth within) cd which I played all the time in my home when I returned back to NYC. Playing it in my home, I could feel the difference. Although since that time there are so many other chants that I love, I still think back to that time and what that vibration in that cd led me to, which will be in another blog.

But as I heard Krishna Das say, “The first time I heard chanting in India,” this morning, I was instantly transported to that moment in my life when I heard him. It’s like the feeling of falling in love or hearing someone’s voice and knowing that you know them. Falling in love doesn’t happen everyday, but you know the feeling of home when you arrive to the door and are greeted in great love. You breathe deeply and let go and allow yourself to surrender because you know somehow, I have been here before and it is good. It is good. It is good and in this vibration of love, All is well.

A man I dated a while back asked me, “How does a girl who grows up in Catholic School end up chanting?” My answer is actually simple, “I grew up singing in church. I love to sing! My friends from yoga kept inviting me to come chant, which to me was singing. I kept coming back because I loved to sing! Chanting for me is song prayers and all the rewards and fulfillment that came with it were the blessings of the path-including the purification and continual transformation of my heart. I was the little girl that when I heard the song, “I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”, said, “That’s me! That’s for me! I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony and that’s what chanting is for me, something we all get to do together in harmony and there is no other feeling like it. It is Love”. Wherever there is love, there you will find me, including church. But Gods temple is now inside, wherever I am, there is love. Love is a vibration. Being in love is being in the vibration of love. Church is not outside us. The temple is within and anytime we love, we are in sacred communion. To share this love with others is Heaven on Earth for me.

The holiest place is within your own heart. The holiest place is within my own heart. So when we come together and make beautiful music and offer it to love, this is the highest Sadhana. This is one of the reasons I am here. To live the dream God put in my heart is a blessing and for this I am so grateful!

The first time I heard chanting, my life was changed. ❤



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Laura and Lakshmi at UNITY!

Laura and Lakshmi at UNITY!

So Excited to be offering “A Sacred Night of Chanting” with Laura Wolfe at UNITY again on March 23rd ♥ Sending love and Blessings to all Always! ♥

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Your Souls Voice – The Field Of Possibilities and Living the New Dream

Recently a friend and I had a conversation while I was at home visiting my family in California. We had been watching a Music concert on television, which was Neil Young and his wife performing together. Out of the Blue I asked, “Did you know how Ashford and Simpson met?” (Two famous Singer/ Songwriters who collaborated and wrote most of the songs in the 70’s), He said, “No”. I said, “I watched a special on Oprah and they interviewed them. Ashford said he was homeless and sleeping on a bench in Washington Square Park in NYC when he went into a church to get a free meal. He said upon entering, he heard this woman singing. They instantly connected and the rest is history – a life long love and a collection of great music that will always be woven into the history of American classics (the song “Solid as a Rock” being one of them). These two went on to write many great love songs.” I sat there in the silence after sharing this story in complete awe. I thought inside, “God/Spirit/Universe is amazing!” One day the man is homeless and the next day he has met the love of his life and a legacy is born. “How incredible is that,” I thought. Then I secretly wondered what would have happened to each of their lives if they had never met. My friend replied, “I wish I knew that kind of Magic, but I’ve never known it”. I asked, “Do you believe in Magic?” I could feel his frustration. He replied, ” I do, but it just didn’t work out for me. I believed but it never happened”.

I sat in his living room looking around at all the pictures of his beautiful family (His loving wife that he has been with for most of his life and his two perfect, healthy, “magical” children), his gorgeous home in one of the richest counties in the United States and his great career in a Creative field that he enjoys. To me, his life was Magical, but I knew what he was trying to say. He had always had a dream of making it as a musician and he was talking about his unfulfilled dream. I got it, I understood. We all have a passion inside us that no matter what else comes into our lives, this place feels empty unless we are fulfilling it’s purpose. It is our souls song. Our souls voice that needs to be expressed in the world and no amount of sugar coating is going to fulfill that ache and longing until we express that voice. That is our souls work. He had achieved the “American Dream”, he just didn’t have the “Magical”dream he had dreamed for himself as a child. That beautiful music and soul expression within him was still wanting to be birthed. Unwritten songs- waiting to be sung and played. That soul desire within him had not gone away and it won’t go away until he birth’s it. It is waiting there for him until he is ready. That is one of his gifts to the world, whether only he hears it in the shower or millions do. His heart and voice long to be expressed through Music. That is how he expresses his true voice and speaks the words beyond words. Then he said to me very matter of fact, “I’m very pragmatic. Everything I have, I’ve worked hard for.” I knew this was his way of dealing with his disappointment. His way of comforting himself. “But are you happy?” was the voice that I heard ask inside me. “You’ve worked so hard, but are you happy?”

In order to create new possibilities for our lives, we have to let go of the past and forgive everyone that we believe was a co-creator in stopping us from fulfilling our hearts song or dream.

Then we have to ask ourselves these questions…

What is your soul’s voice? What is your form of expression that wants to be birthed? What is the unfulfilled dream you still have? What do you secretly long for?

Now ask yourself if you are willing to be transformed into a new way of being and new possibilities for your life. If the answer is yes, you will have a TRANSFORMATION!

For example once you give up the past and create space for the new, you ask:

What is my new way of being in order to have what I want?

My new way of being is…(You fill in the blank)

For me, my new way of being is courageous and vulnerable.

What is the new possibility I am creating for my life?

The new possibility I am creating for my life is…(You fill in the blank)

For me, the new possibility I am creating for my life is of being fully self expressed.

Now you? What is your new way of Being? What is the new possibility you are creating for your life?

NOW…..In Present time….Enjoy creating your new way of being in the world and new possibilities for your life!

Because it is only when we live in this new way of being and in the infinite Field of Possibilities for our lives, that we can we Live the New Dream!

I love you all! Be Blessed! The world needs your gift to the world ❤ ❤ ❤

P.s. Don’t die with the Music (Your Souls voice) still in you ❤

P.s.s. I am also creating the Possibility of Fulfilling, Successful, Prosperous, Creative Collaborations!

Enjoy Ashford and Simpson and the Possibilities they created together ❤ Yes, there is Magic in the world, but we have to be willing to receive and allow it! They did! Here’s to Love!

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Welcoming LOVE! 

(The following is the transcription of a channeled lecture delivered by Paul Selig in New York, New York on January 1st , 2013.)

Now we talk to you about what you need, and what you would believe, and what you call to you; what you think you should have, what you will never have, what you will never want once you know who you are.

The desires that you hold for each other, for a partner, for a partner, for a partner, for a friend who is your partner, or a lover who is your friend, are all born in need and the need that we are talking about is a need that is born in fear. Now we want you to understand one thing: we call to each of you the people you need to be with to be realized, to know who you are, to have a relationship, but the belief that you will not have what you want, that you are not provided for in this way is what is being addressed tonight.

“I will never have what I want,” is a pattern of creation, it seeds itself in the thing you say you want and it cannot be made manifest. If you can imagine planting a seed and then watering it with doubt, how could you expect the seed to flower? “I will never have what I want,” is the affirmation you give yourselves with your relationships. “I know there is somebody for me, but… I know I am allowed to have somebody who loves me, but… I cannot hold this in my vibration because on a certain level I do not believe I am worthy of it, can hold it, will have it.  It will happen for somebody else.  It always happens for somebody else. It will not happen to me.”

Now we ask you this: Why won’t it happen to you?  Who are you to say no?  Your history tells you one thing, “I would have had it by now.  My marriage would be working better.  I would have known my true love already.  I would be married with six kids.”

Whatever you want to sing as you walk down the street is your vibration.  The vibration that you sing is what you claim and call your relationships to you with.   The constant affirmation of lack claims what you say you don’t want as your frequency.  Now this is easily remedied and this is the one thing you don’t understand.  You can change this in a moment, the moment you realize you are provided for in this way.

We are telling you something important: You think you have to meet your own needs, you think you are the one in charge.  ”If I do it wrong I won’t get it, I will not have my needs met.”  But you can also give the authority to spirit to create on your behalf and this is another way of looking at the same thing.  When you know your needs are being taken care of and you include the need for a partner or a romance or a friendship in what is provided for you and you operate in the possibility of it, it will be claimed as you, as you, as you. Now we underline as because the word as is incarnation. You as you. You incarnated as you in your being. The responsibility you hold with this issue is to accept it as you. “I am the one in love. I am the one in responsibility to allowance. I am the one willing to allow, to be in receipt, to be in the responsibility of welcome.”

Now we will explain welcome as we have done in the text. When you say you want something it is claimed for you in your consciousness. If you don’t believe you can accept it you will not welcome it to you. It stays by the front door, unattended, and eventually goes away.  Imagine you invite somebody to dinner and they knock on your door and you do not answer, eventually they will leave and go find their food elsewhere. They are not welcome.

The idea of welcome is a teaching of ours.  Now, as you welcome your worth, as you align to your worth, you must say “welcome” to those things that would be in accord with it.  If you want a partner, welcome the partner. “But I can’t welcome him, he is never coming. She will never be there. She may show up but she will not like me.  She will not know what I am.  He will be afraid.  She will be threatened by my power.”  Whatever it is you claim for yourself that stops what you welcome can also be addressed very simply. “I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve,” is not a litany of words, it’s your own claim of worth.  Do you understand this, yes?

When you welcome something and you are worthy of what you welcome you go into congruence with it. Now the relationships that you have so far have been your teachers, for better and for worse. Everybody in this room is your teacher. They have all come to show you who you are because you are the perceiver of them and how you perceive everyone in this room is born in your history and what you think you are. Do you understand this?

You look at everybody through the window that you have created out of your own need to self-identify in your separateness. There is nothing wrong with this but the teachers that you have, those that come and face their window, are still being seen in the frame that you hold for yourselves.  How can you truly know another when you do not know yourself?  How can you love another when you do not love yourself?  Well, we will tell you this: You can allow, you can allow, you can allow.

Imagine you are lying on a beach. Eventually, the sea will reach your feet, it will cover your body, it will carry you out to sea to the place you wish to go to. The tide is eternal. If you keep yourself from the waterline you may never know the possibility of it, but if you allow the water to carry you, you may well find you are transported to what you say you need.  Now, what do you need in fact to understand your own needs so you are not creating them out of desire born in fear? “I must have somebody on New Year’s or I will be alone for a year,” is a desire based in fear. “I must have somebody before I am 51 or nobody will ever have me,” is a desire based in fear. “I must know myself better or I will never attract somebody worthwhile,” is a desire based in fear.

When you are welcoming something, allow it to come. Imagine that the man of your dreams is at the threshold of your apartment and in the apartment there is chaos, there is worry, dirty clothing and yesterday’s meal left on the table, you are so busy attending to what you do not have that you do not maintain what you have. If you are caring for yourself in well ways, in honoring your esteem, when you open the door you are available to what may be. This is not about preparing for a relationship it is about allowing company to come. Do you understand the difference? When you allow company to come you are expecting company. You are saying, “Welcome.”

Now each one of you here, regardless of whether you are with somebody or not, is in relation with your fellows. The relations that you hold are systematized in many ways born in history and cultural application of what is appropriate. There is no one in this room who is so frightened of anybody else here that if they got up and started to dance for no reason you would become alarmed.  You would wonder why they are doing this; maybe you would even join them.  You are safe enough to allow somebody else to be expressed as themselves.  Do you understand this?  You do not feel that way in the world because you have been taught to protect yourselves from the deceit of others, from their bad motives.  They must want your money or they must want to crucify you.  Who is harmless anyway, in this world, if everybody has the possibility to harm you? Why is there anybody to welcome? If you want to welcome somebody to your shelter to wait out the war that is not a healthy way of entering into a relationship. Do you understand this? “We will be frightened together and wait until it is safe to be in the world.” There are many people who have relationships just like that.

Now, we will ask you one thing.  Who in this room is desirous of a relationship? If you are, say, “Yes.” This is your lecture for tonight and that is why you are getting it. Now understand this please. We already know who you need to be with and in many ways we are trying to support you in meeting them and aligning to them and growing old together if that is your choice.  But you must allow the possibility that it may be done, that you do not have to doubt and grab at the next thing that’s walking down the street because there may never be another. Do you understand? That is a desire based in fear. Paul had a nice one last night. You have all had ones as well. Desires based in fear, born in lack, born out of unlove-ability create more of the same and there is no need for these things.

Now, there is no one in this room who is not in love with somebody, as you say, means in the frequency of love. So everybody right now move into the vibration of love with one being in your life who you truly love. Think of that person, please, and move into the vibration of love. Will you do this, yes? We are shifting your vibration. Stay in this frequency, please, for a few moments.


Now imagine there is a window before you, a window a ways away. You have to take several steps forward to look out the window. And imagine that that window is being cleaned. Any dirt, any fear, anything covering the glass from a clearer vision is being released and washed away in your own recognition that you have a right to be seen through whatever frame you hold, whatever way you have known yourself. “I am the woman who will never… who has always… who has screwed up, who was laughed at, who was shunned, who was adored, who was desired,” whatever names you have carried to call yourself to that window, you will release them now. And you will stand there before the window and see all the possibilities that are before you. There is a whole world before you, populated with many beings. Now, we would like you to do something new. Open the window, open the window, open the window, and say, “Welcome. Welcome to the world. Welcome to my love. I say, welcome to all that may be. I say, welcome to all I may choose. I say, welcome to all I could create in my knowing of my worth, in my cherishing of my being, in my recognition of my soul’s intent to be in partnership, in love, in passion, in friendship, in joy, in caress, in love and companionship. I am accepting all that can come to me, all I will allow, and I say welcome.” As you do this, the frame is increasing in size. The frame is getting larger and larger until it becomes a doorway. You can reach before you. You can feel the doorframe and you can step outside if you like, and with the lungs filled with air and with the heart filled with love say, “Welcome.” Say the word, “welcome” and expect to be met. Let somebody come forward now. Let somebody come forward now to be greeted, to be greeted, to be greeted. Let somebody come forward now to be met by you, by you, by you in your awareness of your request to be welcomed. When somebody comes forward, say, “Hello. I know you already. I have welcomed you before. We are here to learn again. We are here to be in love. We are here to learn from one another as love comes to us, as us, and we embody as love.”

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October 27th in Bayaja, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico


Un Taller de Mantras, Cantos Sagrados y Kirtan…con Musicos Invitados Especiales: Master Percusionista Richie Flores y Sitara (con miembros de Padma Rasa).

En el Poder de El Amor y el Sonido, aprenderas como los mantras y los sonidos sagrados pueden convertirse en una herramienta poderosa de transformacion en su vida cotidiana. Usando su voz y la vibracion que crea en su ser, experimentaran como los mantras sagrados puede elevar, bendecir, sanar y purificar su vida. Cuando se vive en la Frequencia del Amor Divino, todo lo que viene a tu vida esta en la frequencia del Amor Divino. Elevando su propio ser, se expande este frequencia vibracional, hacia otros seres, hacia la Isla del Encanto, a la Madre Tierra y al Universo!

Te invitamos para juntos crear una bella ofrenda del Amor Colectivo.

$20 en efectivo en la Puerta.

(Also Lakshmi’s Shakti Prema “The Path of Love” Cds will be available for purchase)

Hope to see you before I leave for San Francisco on November 1st!

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When you’re in “Scare City”, do “A BUN DANCE”!!!!

Hi Beloveds,

So just some beautiful thoughts for the day…Did the title of this blog get you to open this? If so, Good! LOL!

Anyway, This weekend was incredibly transformational for me, so I wanted to share some thoughts 🙂 Here goes…

We always think we have tomorrow, but the truth is there is only NOW…Everything is dreamed, accomplished, connected, created, shared in the NOW moment. It’s so important to tell those people you love that you love them… because Love is the only thing that is real…It’s all we will take with us when we leave this planet. If you want to invest in something-Invest in your heart and the hearts of everyone in your life! This is the greatest Abundance! Make no mistake.

All those resentments, misunderstandings, lack, scarcity, arguments…It’s all Maya! Just one big “telenovela” being played out for your entertainment…It has nothing to do with what is real. Why? because the soul, your soul is always perfect and whole. Your soul is eternal and innocent, pure and untouched. There is nothing that could ever change that. It is the witness behind all the drama, the games and the disillusions. It sits there and watches the play in amusement, knowing none of it is real.

Begin your day today, seeing people from this present moment. Forgive your parents of what you think they have or have not done, your siblings, your exes…Let go of yesterday and the future of who you think they are or who they will be (Yourself included) and just BE. Just BE with them in this moment. In the bliss of this one moment. In the simpleness of this moment. Open your eyes without the filters of the past and just look around. See how perfect each and every one of us is and then SMILE inside your heart knowing…THIS IS IT!!!! There is no tomorrow and there is no past…It is just one beautiful NOW moment after another…So if you live in your heart and stay present to the NOW in your pure beingness…You will know the truth. The truth of who you are. LOVED, COMPLETE, PERFECT, WHOLE. Then you cannot help but create the life of your dreams! From this place of knowing, create from this blank new page. Then everything you create will be Blessed without any filters or old stories from the past. Drop the luggage and free yourselves! FREE YOURSELVES and Begin again! LOL! Why? Because ONLY LOVE IS REAL My dear friends. As in the beginning, so shall it be in the end…which of course never ends..LOL! ♥ ♥

AND… When all else fails, don’t forget…

“When you’re in “Scare City”, Do “A BUN DANCE!” ♥ ♥ ♥LOL! LOL! ♥

Word I am word ❤

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