Shakti Prema Album and more!

Full bio on “About Lakshmi Latina” page 🙂

My Album was written during the 9 months I lived and traveled throughout India and recorded in Puerto rico with great Love! IN JOY!

Click here to Purchase Shakti Prema-The Path of Love Album


My new Hare Krishna song released June 30.2012

Hi Everyone! Here are some of the songs that can be found on my Debut cd which can be purchased for $20 at workshops and events.

P.s. As well, The bonus track on the album (Chant to Maha Lakshmi-The Goddess of Wealth, Abundance, Prosperity and Good Fortune) is great for chanting with or playing on repeat to shift your vibration into that of receiving great Blessings of Abundance! It is a must have ❤

Also, just added…The first video is my work with Elias Lopez at his retreat at Ananda Ashram in November 11th…My music is featured there, as well as some of the songs from the album. I also teach the “Yoga of Sound” for the all womans yoga teacher training retreat at Samadhi Yoga in San Juan, Puerto Rico..and play at Bhava fridays at Abhaya Yoga in Dumbo, Brooklyn, to name a few…Jai Ma! <3…

If you’re interested to have me come play at your studio, please write my email or call 917-684-9212:) Many Blessings to you Always! ❤


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