Lakshmi Marfil (Mantra Music Bio)




Recording artist, Singer/Songwriter/Composer, Sound Healer and guitarist Lakshmi Marfil Delgado (Birthname: Jennifer) has spent many years working, singing and recording in the Latin Music Industry. She has toured the World with Salsa/Reggae/Rap group Dark Latin Groove (DLG), was a signed Recording Artist with Sony/Columbia (“What is it (About You)” in english and “Que Tu tienes” on Latin Mix USA 2 alongside artists Will Smith, Marc Anthony, Shakira, Chayanne and Jennifer Lopez) and recently was a featured as a Guest Artist on World Renown percussionist Richie Flores’ Album, debuting her original compositions at The Heineken Jazz Festival in Puerto Rico 2012 and at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival 2013 as a Latin Jazz Artist. Her love of Music has been her life’s passion and mission. This passion has blessed her with traveling the world and performing with various orchestras throughout her life, even joyously fulfilling her dream of Performing at Madison Square Garden. However, it was during her 9 month spiritual journey in India in 2008, where she discovered her great love for singing and writing bhajans (Love songs to God), which inspired her to found LAKSHMI LATINA MUSIC to fulfill her mission and Vision of LOVE! (See above for more info about her music career on LAKSHMI MARFIL’s Music Industry Bio).

It was in India that Lakshmi Marfil experienced the “Wish Fulfilling Tree” of her hearts desire to serve Humanity. After staying in her spiritual teacher’s ashram, Lakshmi (who was given her spiritual name in 2010) was “granted her wish” of serving on the North India tour with AMMA, (lovingly known as “the Hugging Saint” and who has hugged over 30 million people in the world). On tour, Lakshmi Marfil was playing a friends guitar with a group of musicians, when a fire of passion for writing chants was planted in her heart. Lakshmi Marfil finished the tour with Amma in the Andamen Islands and then went on to live in Rishikesh for three months of her stay. She bought her “Blue Pearl” guitar in Laksman Jula and played her newly composed chants at all hours on the rooftop of Raj Palace and on the steps of the Ganga. These bhajans and chants became her sincerest and dearest offerings to her Beloved, to the Divine Mother and to the many names and manifestations of God. They became her “Love songs” (Bhajans) in sanskrit.

Many more songs were composed throughout her trip in India, even bringing divine inspiration from the sikh chants (in Gurmukhi), when she fell in love with “The Golden Temple” of Amristar. While continuing her spiritual pilgrimage throughout India, her guitar became her constant companion and music became the unifying force amongst all the beautiful people she met along her travels. Like krishna, her blue pearl guitar invoked such joy and unity when people, indians and westerners alike, gathered in circles to sing along with her. “SHAKTI PREMA”-The path of Love, was revealed to her in every way possible. The music, embodies Lakshmi Marfil’s experience of “pure Love” on her trip and was recently released as her 1st mantra album titled “SHAKTI PREMA” -The Path of Love with contributions by musicians Laura Wolfe on violin, Richie Flores on percussion and Bernd Schoenhart on guitar.

The vision of “SHAKTI PREMA”-the Path of Love is a world full of Love, Abundance, Unity, Forgiveness, Compassion and Divinity. It is Honoring the Self (the sacredness within) and celebrating our diversity in ONENESS! It is The “Shakti of Love” of the New Earth Consciousness. It is her greatest wish that in listening, the listener can be taken on the journey of love within their own heart, knowing the sweetness of Divine Love and the power of Gods healing presence. May all beings be Happy and may all find TRUE LOVE!

She as well, offers music and chanting for various retreats including The “Therapy of the Soul Retreats” with Arnie Vargas, Anusara Yoga retreats offered by Elias Lopez (Including Bhava Fridays with Abhaya Yoga and special retreats at Ananda Ashram), “A Sacred Night of Chanting” at Unity, “The Yoga of Sound” for the Yoga teacher training at Samadhi Yoga in San Juan, Puerto Rico, “Sacred Sound and Sound Healing” workshops at Dhaya Yoga, and in addition works with Private clients to help them to connect their heart to their true authentic voice. She is also certified Reiki Master, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Life coach and Pre-natal Naam Yoga teacher (Universal force Yoga) having studied the science of NAAM Yoga (Sound), which combines Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga. In addition, on July 10, 2012, Lakshmi Marfil had another dream fulfilled singing The Gayatri Mantra and Jai Jai Ma (A song she wrote for Amma) for her Beloved Amma at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in NYC. She was then interviewed on AMRITA tv. Lakshmi Marfil, as well, continues to compose and perform with various Latin Bands and is currently working on her second mantra album.

Lakshmi Marfil believes in the Power of “Music, Love and Sound” to heal and uplift the world. She believes in the power the Mantras carry (through their great sacred sound vibrations) to create great purification in the chanter and the listener. “It is sweet medicine for the soul”, Lakshmi says, “We get attuned and elevated in consciousness, through the Grace of these high vibrations”. By journeying with her through sound, one discovers a new world of attuning to their true essence and source of Infinite Abundance.

She is committed to helping others connect their hearts to their true authentic voice and to become fully self expressed. It is her vision to Awaken Hearts GLOBALLY and to bring This is “Shakti of Love” to all corners of the Earth, where we are united to our true Divinity and into the Highest vibration of Love. She is a “TRANSFORMATIONAL ARTIST”, currently living in New York City and loves combining her three favorite loves- Music, Spirituality and Traveling (Uniting Cultures).

Marfil with Mic

***Lakshmi Marfil has also performed and recorded for many years in the Latin Music Industry under her birth name Jennifer Delgado and under her artist name Marfil Delgado. As Jennifer Delgado (“What is it” on Sony Columbia and “Que Tu Tienes” Latin Mix USA 2 on Sony Columbia/Sony Discos) and under her artist name Marfil Delgado on Richie Flores Album/Richie Flores (EWE Records) and Belgian DJ Wess Vall “Los Banditos” and as her spiritual name Lakshmi on her Mantra Album. Ah, The Trinity of “Lakshmi Latina”, as a friend once said to her.

Please see “Shakti Prema Healing” section for other services lakshmi offers ❤


Current Location: NYC, NY


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