Marfíl Delgado (Music Industry BIO)


 MARFÍL DELGADO (Short Music Industry Bio)

Currently Living In New York City, Marfíl Delgado (Birthname: Jennifer) has already racked up an impressive resume of performance and recording credits. She was a featured vocalist with Sony Tropical Group Dark Latin Groove (DLG) for a year long tour when her smash single “What is it” (About You) was released on Columbia records. However, the song was taken to even greater success when it was translated into Spanish “Que Tu Tienes” and released worldwide on the Compilation Album Latin Mix USA 2, Featuring Ricky Martin, Will Smith, Shakira, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. The album since has gone Triple platinum. However, as well as being a Recording Artist, Marfíl also added songwriter to her list of Credits, with her released songs “You are My heart” (English and spanish version) performed by Jamie Lynn Sigler on Edel Records (co-written with Maria Christiansen, writer of Jennifer Lopez song “Waiting for Tonight”) and the European Release of “Undelich Tief” (Captured My Heart) performed by German Artist Rosanna Rocci. In addition, Marfíl’s song “Latin Lover” was picked up by World Renown Percussionist Richie Flores’ on his self titled Latin Jazz Album, released on EWE Records. She was a featured Guest Artist on his album, along with Latin Jazz Legend Dave Valentin. The album won great acclaims within the Latin Jazz Industry and was featured in Latin Beat Magazine. Lakshmi Marfil performed with the Richie Flores Septet at the Heineken Jazz Festival in Puerto Rico and also performed with the Group at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival in Nov. 2013. She continues to tour with his band. In addition, Marfíl (who was given her spiritual name Lakshmi, in 2010) has also recently recorded and released her first Mantra Album under the name Lakshmi Marfil called “Shakti Prema” The Path of Love”, which was inspired by her 9 months traveling throught India in 2008. She has performed for Amma, “The Hugging Saint from India” (in 2012, 2013 and 2014) at the Jacob Javitz Center and teaches Mantras and the Power of Sound at Various retreats throughout the world (Using the Power of Vibration and Sacred Sound). Marfíl continues to compose, create, write and record from her life’s many eclectic and world influenced experiences.

Marfil with Mic 

Marfíl Delgado (Music Industry Bio -Full)

Currently Living In New York City, Marfíl Delgado (Birthname: Jennifer) has already racked up an impressive resume of performance and recording credits. Her deep love of Music and singing began at an early age. Music has always been her life’s calling and Blessing. At 11 yrs old, she was being interviewed on Radio shows for her performance as Oliver in “Oliver” at the American School in Mexico City, Mexico. At 15, she won a Musical Theatre scholarship representing the United States to Leysin American School, in Leysin, Switzerland for their International Summer Theater program and in her High School, Marin Catholic High School in California, she was the lead in the choir and the lead in their Musicals. Her performing earned her great honors and upon graduating from High School, Lakshmi Marfil received a Musical Theatre Scholarship to California State University at Long Beach, where she continued to pursue her love of the Theatre/Arts/Music and Dance.

After graduating from University, Marfíl was offered a position as the asst. to the President of CRC, a Spanish Radio News Network out of Mexico City, located in Hollywood, California. She loved working in the Latin Industry, instantly falling in love with the passion of Latin Music, which mirrored her own passion for her culture and for music. That year while at the Radio y Musica convention for her company, She met Adrian Lopez, The Program Director for KLVE 107.5 FM, the top Spanish Music station in Los Angeles at the time. They instantly connected and he asked her, “What do you want for your life?” without pausing she answered, “I want to be as close to the Music as possible!” The next day she was offered the position as the asst. to the Program Director of Latin Music’s #1 station in Los Angeles. There she worked directly with the Artists (Ricky martin, Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, Mana, to name a few) and was the Liason between the Radio Station and the Record Labels (Sony, BMG, Wea Latina). By day she was working at the Radio Station and at night, she was singing on the Sunset Strip (Coconut Teaser, Troubadour) with her brothers Rock Band. Adrian knew this and he would always say to her when she came into work, “Tu eres una Artista Che Querida!” (Translated: You are an Artist darling!”) That year though, Marfíl’s world was rocked when her father unexpectedly died and she was forced to ask herself the bigger questions of life, ” If Life is so fragile, what to I really want to devote my life to?” But the answer was always the same-“MUSIC! I WANT TO SING!” All she wanted to do was SING. So after spending some time recovering from the loss of her father, she boarded a flight to return to NYC to follow her heart and her dream of Performing and singing. More than anything, she wanted to make her dreams come true. She was willing to risk it all.

As fate would have it, Ralph Mercado the President of RMM Records (The top Salsa Label and whom she had met at the Celia Cruz Promotin for KLVE) was also on the flight. Shortly after re-connecting, Lakshmi Marfil was working at his label as the asst. to the President of TROPIJAZZ Records (The Latin jazz Division run by Jack Hooke, Tito Puente’s manager). The label roster included Artists Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Dave Valentin, Mongo Santamaria, Ray Barreto. RMM-Celia Cruz, Marc Anthony, La India). It was the Musical Puerto Rican Community in NYC that really embraced her and opened so many doors for her. Within this community, she found her Musical Soul tribe and family. They nurtured her with such love and warmth. It was Home. Then within a year, Marfíl was promoted to asst. to the President (as Ralph Mercado’s asst). There she was the liason between his seven divisions and his concerts at Madison Square Garden, which was one of Marfil’s dreams to perform at. In time, people at the label began to find out that Marfíl sang and she began to be hired to record vocals for some of the Labels Artists. Shortly after, was offered a spot as the featured female vocalist with Recording Artists Dark Latin Groove, aka DLG, on a World Tour. She was living her dream on the road and performing in stadiums throughout the world, (USA, Spain, South America and The Caribbean). Within 2 years of arriving to NYC, she was performing at Madison Square Garden with DLG for “El Concierto Del Amor”. One of her greatest dreams had come true!

At the same time, Marfíl was working on songwriters demos and recording new music. That same year, Lakshmi Marfil was signed as a Recording Artist with Sony Columbia Records (under her birthname Jennifer Delgado) and released the single, “What is it About you?” on Columbia’s label. The song was eventually translated into Spanish “Que Tu Tienes“and released on a compilation Album called Latin Mix USA 2 with Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Will Smith to name a few. The song and her voice were givien a Billboard Review, saying:

“Play this record without taking a glimpse at the credits. Listen to the ingenue’s pure pop delivery. Sounds kinda familiar doesn’t it? Jennifer Delgado’s voice is a dead ringer for kylie Minogue; the Kylie of the 80’s that is, Playful, effervescent, and full of innocence. On this, Delgado’s solo debut (She is a featured vocalist with Sony Topical act DLG) She effortlessly straddles the blurred border between energetic pop and pop infused house music. Along for the ride is Soul Solution, the production remix team responsible for the remixes of Shania Twain’s millions selling “You’re Still the One” Not a bad combination eh?”

Marfíl continued to meet other singer/Songwriters and write music. Two of her songs were recorded. One by Italian Artist Rosanna Rocci “Undelich Tief” (Captured My Heart) and one by Jamie Lynn Sigler “Eres Mi Corazon” On Edel Records, which she wrote with Maria Christiansen (composer of Waiting for Tonight, which was recorded by Jennifer Lopez). Marfíl continued to perform in orchestras and write songs, when another one of her songs “Latin Lover” was picked up by World Renown Percussionist Richie Flores’ on his self titled Latin Jazz Album, released on EWE Records. She was a featured Guest Artist on his album, along with Latin Jazz Legend Dave Valentin. The album won great acclaims within the Latin Jazz Industry and was featured in Latin Beat Magazine. Lakshmi Marfil also performed as a Guest Artist with the Richie Flores Septet at the Heineken Jazz festival in Puerto Rico 2011 and continues to tour with his band, Performing at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival in 2013.

In addition, Marfíl has always been inspired by the Mantras from India which she began with her Yoga practice back in 1995. In 2008, Marfíl fulfilled her dream of traveling to India, where she lived, traveled and studied with the great Masters for 9 months. Being Deeply Inspired, she composed an album of Bhajans (Love songs to God through Mantras) and has released an album of her music on the Album, “Shakti Prema”, The Path of Love”.. As well, Lakshmi Marfil (Her spiritual name) continues to offer kirtans, Sacred Chanting (Mantras) and teach at various workshops and Yoga centers throughout the the world, teaching, “The Yoga and Power of Sound”

Marfil’s journey in Music has been built on the one intention that she made early on in her life “to be as close to the Music as possible.” The beauty of that commitment is that God blessed her with a Life beyond her wildest dreams. She has not only been close to the Music, she has lived inside the Music. With that one commitment, she has received so many blessings that she knows have been gifted to her from God. Making Music has been her gift back. She continues to be committed to her love of Music and in using her voice to bless, heal and uplift others and the world..To free people into their full self expression and awaken hearts. Today, she honors her original commitment and adds, “To bring Love and Joy to all who hear her”. Marfil has always believed in following one’s heart and following one’s dreams. She has walked the path courageously, always holding true to who she is. She knows that through Faith and through love, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. This is her message, this is her true heart’s song! “JUST BELIEVE, HAVE UNWAVERING FAITH AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

2015 is bound to be Marfíl’s best year yet!

The name LAKSHMI MARFIL ❤ (Her spiritual name) How it came to be…
***The name Marfíl came from a nickname her father used to call her as a child. When she was little her father would call her “Princesita de Marfíl”. When she asked what Marfil was, her father responded (by creating a Fairy Tale for her), He said, “Marfíl is an Island where Childrens dreams come true, and you are the Princess of it.” Her friends knew this childhood story, so they began to call her this. They said “We call you Marfíl because you deserve to have all your dreams come true!”

The name Lakshmi was given to Marfíl in October of 2010, while attending Navratri at Sivananda in NYC. After the ceremony (puja) of the Goddess Lakshmi, Swami Sata Sivananda ran down the stairs and asked Marfil if she had been given a spiritual name. Marfil answered, “No, not yet” (Usually one asks for it, but she had not asked). He said, “Your Spiritual name is Lakshmi, will you receive it?” Marfíl answered, “Yes”, knowing that being given the name Lakshmi “The Goddess of Abundance, Prosperity and Good Fortune (who lives in the heart chakra)” was a huge honor being bestowed upon her. He said, “Great, I am so happy to give it to you on this auspicious night.” Five minutes after swami gave Marfil the name, she ran up to him and said, “Swami, Why Do you think that my spiritual name is Lakshmi?” wondering why out of all the names he could have given her, he had chosen one of the most beloved Goddesses. He said, “I don’t think it is our spiritual name, I KNOW it is. It is because it is your true essence and because you embody the virtues. “You are still going to receive it right?” looking worried she would not receive it. She smiled and graciously said, Yes, of course.” and her heart was filled with gratitude for being bestowed such an honor. It is such a huge honor!

Lakshmi Marfil is her spiritual name and nickname put together ❤ (Meaning IVORY LAKSHMI) The name reflects the Highest vision and embodiment of love for her life. LAKSHMI MARFIL ❤ is her SOUL NAME. ❤

latinmixusawhat is itCD_Lakshmi_cover_rev.inddLakshmi Marfil Jazz Blue


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