Private “Holistic Vocal Sound Sessions”

“Everything about our true essence and who we are, we knew when we were kids. Then somebody said no you can’t be that or no you can’t have that, so we shut down and stopped expressing our truth, our true nature. We become “another version” of who we are supposed to be. But if we allow ourselves to be who we want to be, we always have everything we need to fulfill that and to live a life we love. This is a life created from the inside out. Our inner Art (heart) expressed in form. This is the life we are meant to live.A life where all our gifts and talents flow abundantly!” Lakshmi Marfíl ❤

My mission and commitment is to helping to free my clients into their full self expression. Helping them to connect their heart to the Power of their “TRUE VOICE” in the world. As we work together, your voice will begin to express itself in so many new creative ways. I have seen it time and time again. Once we connect our hearts to our true authentic voice, the VOICE loves to heal and express. It loves to flow. It loves to sing! All forms of the arts will begin to flourish for you in your world. It is thrilling and so rewarding to guide my you into freeing your voice. Yes, your true voice! The one that resonates and feels like home.

The Power of your “TRUE VOICE” workshop-April 29 (4-6p) at Veroyoga in Brooklyn.

A testimonial from a past student:

‘This was my first time taking a workshop with Lakshmi, and it was a beautiful surprise. For me, singing is about expressing one’s spirit, one’s feeling, and fundamentally, about expressing some kind of love for life. You can have the best technique in the world, but if you don’t share from the heart, there is something missing. It can be scary! It’s not easy! And that is exactly the work — and play! — that Lakshmi helps you to develop: to sing from your heart and soul.

I was a little nervous, because I have minimal experience singing in front of others, but her warmth and experience allowed me to open my mouth, and whatever was supposed to, emerged! The workshop connected me to a childlike source of melody and vulnerability, and something was nourished there. On the way home, I composed a new song. Thank you Lakshmi! I look forward to the next workshop!’  Maria Patricia


Lakshmi Marfíl helps the student/client to explore, express, heal and connect to their true authentic voice and hearts through the use of sound vibrations, toning, singing and holistic techniques that unlock blocks to the voices full self expression. Through the use of integrative and intuitive exercises to connect the heart to one’s own unique sound, one discovers a new world of attuning to their true essence and source of Infinite Abundance. By journeying with her through sound, She helps her students/clients to become firmly established in the confidence of their own full self expression and in the confidence of singing and speaking their truth, as well as standing in their full power.  It is not only about expressing one’s voice, but also using one’s voice as a channel and a bridge to manifesting one’s dreams. All sessions are customized to the student/clients needs.

Here’s what some clients have to say:

“Lakshmi Marfíl really helped me learn some tools that were a big part in my transformational process and healing. I was in a raw, beautiful but struggling point in my life when I met her. She helped me open up to the possibility of healing and sharing my voice, which is now a vital part of my purpose and existence as a healer and teacher. There was a deep humility that came and comes along with the vulnerability of sharing with her, and if you let it, it could change your life in a beautiful way. I love her SO MUCH and will continue to work with her and hopefully collaborate our hearts together one day!” Adriana Rizzolo

“I’ve taken a few voice lessons with Lakshmi Marfíl and it was a transformative experience. I wanted to start singing and my issue was fear of opening my voice and being heard. She has a way of making you feel totally safe and comfortable exploring your own unique sound in a playful way. Not only did we do scales to open my voice and play with different ranges, we also did positive affirmations that really helped me to let go into the process and just go for it! Unlocking my voice has also helped me speak my truth in life and not be afraid of my potential or being heard. It was a life changing experience and I hope to continue to explore my voice with her.” Lula

“I love working with Lakshmi Marfil! Her combination of intuitive coaching and Reiki have helped me to identify unknown blockages to my fully experiencing my worthiness of joy. It’s been an immense gift to be free of these blockages. I look forward to continuing this work to restore my singing voice, my true joy”. Anasuya Isis

“I started singing lessons with Lakshmi Marfil because I wanted to get more comfortable with my voice. I was less concerned about the technical, and more determined to drop the made-up belief that “I am not a singer.” Lakshmi and I met once per week with homework in between. Each session was unique. Lakshmi was warm and challenging (She pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is a good and necessary thing). I came away from the experience with more confidence and awareness of what I am capable of – in singing and in my life”. Katie Y.

“This is why I love working with my private students..It is so Fulfilling to be part of their TRANSFORMATIONAL process. It is my commitment to the “Power of Sound” and helping people connect their hearts with their true authentic voice.”
Lakshmi Marfíl<3

Sound sessions are $120 an hour.


A combination of all the tools and techniques of healing are combined and personalized towards the clients needs. Through the use of Reiki, meditation, Sound Sessions, Sound healing, movement and intuitive counseling, each session is guided by spirit to take the client to wholeness and oneness in Mind, Body and spirit. (For more info see Shakti Prema Healing section).

ALL SESSIONS ARE $120 an hour or SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE of 5 sessions for $500. (A set of sessions are recommended to delve deeper into accessing transformation and change).

Sliding scale is available

Skype sessions are also available

Lakshmi Marfíl has been a signed recording artist with Sony/Columbia Records on the Album Latin Mix USA 2 “Que tu Tienes”, toured the world with the salsa/reggae/rap group Dark Latin Groove (DLG) and recently recorded as a guest artist on world renown Percussionist Richie Flores’ album. Recently, She recently performed at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival and at The Heineken Jazz festival in Puerto Rico. She is also a Certified Pre-natal Naam Instructor (Sound), working with Sacred Mantras from the Yogic and Kundalini traditions, as well as a Sound Healer and a Kirtan leader with her own band. Her cd “Shakti Prema-The Path of Love”, which she wrote in India and recorded in Puerto Rico, was recently released. (Please see bio section for full bio).

She as well, offers music and chanting for various retreats including The “Therapy of the Soul Retreats” with Arnie Vargas, Anusara Yoga retreats offered by Elias Lopez (Including Bhava Fridays with Abhaya Yoga and special retreats at Ananda Ashram), “A Sacred Night of Chanting” at Unity, “The Yoga of Sound” for the Yoga teacher training at Samadhi Yoga in San Juan, Puerto Rico and now works with Private clients to help them to connect their heart to their true authentic sound and voice. She is also certified Reiki Master, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Life coach and Pre-natal Naam Yoga teacher (Universal force Yoga) having studied the science of Naam Yoga (Sound). As well, she continues to perform with Various Latin bands and is currently in the process of writing a new album.

SHAKTI PREMA (The Path of Love)…This Vision was given to Lakshmi Marfíl (while traveling throughout India and Thailand for 9 months in 2008. This is her commitment to Humanity and to the Planet- to help AWAKEN to the LOVE within our own hearts and to CONNECT with our TRUE AUTHENTIC VOICE. Through her Healings and sessions, the client is able to raise their vibration and begin to fully live their lives as a beautiful offering, creating the life of their dreams! To connect, ignite and be who they truly are! Her healings and sessions focus on Integrating mind, heart, body and spirit-rebalancing into wholeness.

All HEALINGS and SESSIONS by Lakshmi Marfíl are invoked by the greatest Power and that is the POWER of LOVE, working in Guidance with Spirit and Reiki Masters.

Contact: Lakshmi Marfíl 917-684-9212


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